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4 reasons an injury may not be covered by workers' compensation

Workers' compensation protections are critical to employers and employees across Florida. These laws allow injured workers to get coverage for their medical bills and lost wages when they are injured, and they protect employers from being sued by employees.

Workers' comp apps help employers improve safety, manage claims

As smartphones become more and more prevalent to our everyday lives, phone apps are entering the market that offer employers workplace safety and workers' compensation management tools. These products aim to improve safety communication between employers and employees and to streamline the workers' compensation process.

Workplace injuries cost U.S. employers $59 billion per year

As any employer can probably tell you, workplace accidents can affect worker productivity and the bottom line. According to Liberty Mutual, work-related injuries and illnesses cost U.S. employers a total of $59.87 billion in 2014, which is the latest statistically-valid data available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Academy of Social Insurance. 

Injuries at holiday work parties may not compensable

While the holidays are behind us, there may still be plenty of workplace holiday parties and celebrations on people's calendars. And even if you have already had your own holiday parties, you will still want to be sure you understand your company's responsibilities in regard to workers' compensation, as injured employees may still be thinking of filing a claim.

Ohio BWC reports a decline in workplace injuries in the state

When it comes to preventing workplace injuries, Ohio employers are outpacing the rest of the nation. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) briefed its board of directors this week on a decline in reported injuries.

Protecting your business against workers' comp fraud

On September 6, Lynn D. McCann II, a paramedic in Knox County, plead guilty to workers' compensation fraud. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) discovered he was working as a paramedic for OhioHealth Grant Medical Center in Columbus while also collecting benefits for a similar job with a private medical transportation company. 

Social media can strengthen your workers' compensation defense

In this social media age, it has become easier for individuals to post about daily activities, thoughts and feelings via social media outlets. Often, these posts, photos and videos become second nature to people, clicking "share" on their smart phones without a second thought. When those individuals are seeking workers' compensation, however, this can provide valuable evidence to you as an employer.

Ohio rehab business owner pleads guilty to workers' comp fraud

We have often shared stories in this blog about workers caught defrauding the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. But there is another group involved in the workers’ compensation system that can cost BWC unfairly: physical therapists and other professionals who help injured workers heal so they can get back to work.

Rules changing regarding opioid prescriptions for workers' comp

As we previously discussed, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has been working on a plan to help prevent workers from becoming addicted to pain pills as a result of a workplace injury. Opioid addiction is a nationwide problem that hits very close to home for Ohioans. The most recent report from the Department of Health regarding drug overdoses in Ohio is from 2014, and the results were staggering. In total, 2,482 residents died from drug overdoses. It’s a record-breaking statistic for Ohio, and a trend that BWC would like to quash.