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What are some common defenses against product liability claims?

The success of retailers, manufacturers and distributors depends on the performance and reputation of their products in the marketplace. This makes properly mitigating the outcome of product liability claims essential to business.

With help from an experienced civil defense lawyer, you can explore possible strategies for dealing with consumer injury claims. In most cases, the defense you choose will depend on the unique factors of the situation. 

UV technology is being implemented to reduce hospital infections

Hospital infections, or healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a growing problem in facilities throughout the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on any given day, one out of every 25 patients has an HAI. Of even greater concern is that thousands of patients die every year from these infections.

To combat this growing epidemic, many hospitals and health care systems are implementing various methods to improve disinfection of facilities and medical equipment. One of these methods is through UV light technology systems.

4 reasons an injury may not be covered by workers' compensation

Workers' compensation protections are critical to employers and employees across Florida. These laws allow injured workers to get coverage for their medical bills and lost wages when they are injured, and they protect employers from being sued by employees.

However, while they are critical, these benefits are not available to everyone in all situations without question. There are necessarily restrictions in place. In other words, under certain circumstances, workers' compensation benefits may not be awarded. We examine some of these circumstances below.

Medical device recalls issued in first quarter of 2017

Medical technology can help to heal patients from injury, improve chronic conditions - and even save lives. But when they are defective or problematic in some way, they may harm more than help patients to heal.

It is important for medical professionals and health care facilities to be aware of the latest medical device recalls by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Doing so can help to increase patient safety and potentially avoid costly medical malpractice lawsuits.

What defenses can nursing homes use against abuse allegations?

Elder abuse allegations can damage the reputation and disrupt operation of any long-term care facility or nursing home. Additionally, it can jeopardize an individual worker's job and potential career. 

What steps are necessary to prepare a strong and proactive response against abuse allegations? And what should you do to defend your business in a potential lawsuit?

How you can obtain an excellent hospital malpractice defense

Medical malpractice is considered a major felony in various states across the U.S. Not only are patients susceptible to more injuries but also face the possibilities of permanent damage on different body parts. In most cases, the hospital being sued assumes the role of the defendant in their quest to repair their already damaged reputation. In such a situation, the defendant must enlist the services of a reputable attorney to defend them against a malpractice lawsuit. Failure to have an experienced lawyer by your side can ultimately contribute to the downfall of the hospital.

A hospital malpractice defense can be won or lost before going to trial, depending on the competency of the hired lawyer. As a specialized attorney, it is their legal and corporate duty to prepare a tight defense based on intensive planning and collection of valuable evidence. Before embarking on a thorough investigation, you must determine the circumstances that led to the commission of the medical malpractice charge. A medical malpractice refers to an omission or negligent act that causes catastrophic injuries to a patient.

Top 10 patient safety concerns identified for 2017

Last week, the ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Organization (PSO) released its 2017 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations. The report addresses these patient safety hazards to help health care organizations prioritize issues and plan for corrective action.

This year's top ten list highlights technologies and therapies that are posing patient safety challenges. Data used to determine this list came from a variety of sources, including more than 1.5 million event reports and hundreds of root cause analyses.

Hospitals are taking an apologetic approach to medical errors

In most cases of alleged malpractice, hospitals and doctors are generally advised to say nothing to the patient or their loved ones. This common approach can be motivated by caution and fear of potential lawsuits.

What if hospitals and doctors own up to their mistakes? If they apologize for medical mistakes will it help diffuse the situation? Or will it result in more malpractice lawsuits?

Workers' comp apps help employers improve safety, manage claims

As smartphones become more and more prevalent to our everyday lives, phone apps are entering the market that offer employers workplace safety and workers' compensation management tools. These products aim to improve safety communication between employers and employees and to streamline the workers' compensation process.

These apps could revolutionize how employers report to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) and how worker injuries are handled with the Workers' Compensation Administration and state departments. Will these products be embraced by industries that are typically slow to embrace change?

Common types of workers' compensation fraud

Most employees are honest about getting injured at work. For these people, they just need time to recover and heal before returning to the workplace.

Unfortunately, not all employees are straightforward about work injuries. In fact, workers' compensation scams are a common crime in the United States, costing businesses billions of dollars each year. As an employer, what can you do to spot workers' compensation fraud in your company?